Dr. Tim Sagers
President, Captive Health

Dr. Tim Sagers is a primary care physician, innovator and a leader in the employer facing health solutions space with a passion for finding practical and efficient ways to reduce employer risk and enhance health of both businesses and their employees. 

Dr. Sagers is the Founder and President of Captive Health, a new venture providing employer and broker-based solutions that are data driven, evidence-based and designed to integrate in parallel with existing primary and specialty care models. With 24/7 - 50 state telemedicine access, mental health services, enhanced wellness offerings and high-risk disease support called Care Companion, this new approach is built to reduce costs, duplication of services and unnecessary utilization. 

Dr. Sagers has spend the last decade in various roles developing and deploying solutions to enhance care access, improve health outcomes and control health care costs. An early champion of telemedicine, Dr. Sagers led the deployment of one of the first and most comprehensive employer based on-site telemedicine programs in the Midwest. He continues to speak both regionally and nationally on various topics related to employer benefit and employee health topics. 

Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Sagers continues to practice clinical medicine with an emphasis on evidence-based primary care practices.